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Air Conditioning and Heating
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While your Porsche’s air conditioning/heating may not be the first thing you think about when driving your dream machine, it will definitely jump to the top of the list if it’s not working properly. Like every other part of your Porsche, its air conditioning and heating components are vital instruments in its overall performance. Our wide selection of AC and heating parts offer every tool your Porsche’s ventilation system needs to operate smoothly. We carry Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators, Driers, Expansion Valves, Hoses, Blower Motors and much, much more! At Vertex Automotive we only use the top brands, such as Behr, SWF and Sanden & Bosch, to ensure your Porsche’s optimal performance.

Your Porsche’s cooling and heating system is a complex structure that often requires maintenance and repair, just like every other aspect of your Porsche. If you want to keep your Porsche operating at its peak, the air conditioning should be checked on a regular basis to avoid losing your AC or heating when you need it most. The main components of a Porsche’s heating/cooling system are:

  • Porsche A/C Compressors: AC compressors are the main component of the automobile air conditioning system. It is often belt driven by an AC belt that is powered by the engine. The AC Compressor pumps Freon throughout the AC system. Freon is a liquid and gas combination that is compressed and circulated though the auto air conditioning system. The Freon is under pressure and pushed through an AC hose and then makes its way through an AC expansion valve. The AC expansion valve makes the gas expand and contract. As the Freon goes though the process of expansion and contraction, the gas becomes very cold.
  • Porsche A/C Evaporators: The AC evaporator’s core is like a cold radiator which allows cold to dissipate. After the gas has become cold from passing through an AC expansion valve, the gas then travels through metal lines to the AC evaporator core. The cold gas flowing into the AC evaporator makes it cold and then a fan blows air across it. After being filtered through an AC filter, the air then flows out of the vents and into the cabin of the vehicle.
  • Porsche A/C Condensers : The auto air conditioning system is also responsible for removing heat from the cabin of the vehicle. AC condensers are responsible for dissipating this heat. It is usually located in front of the radiator. AC condensers need good air flow in order for the AC system to work properly. Hot gas flows to the top of the AC condenser where the gas cools off. It then condenses and flows out of the AC condenser as a high pressure liquid.
  • Porsche A/C Driers / Dryers: The receiver-drier is used on the high side of systems that use an expansion valve. The primary function of the Porsche drier is to separate gas and liquid. The secondary purpose is to remove moisture and filter out dirt.
  • Porsche A/C Expansion Valve: The expansion valve is a another crusial part of your Porsche's  a/c system. The expansion valve can sense both temperature and pressure, and is very efficient at regulating refrigerant flow to the evaporator.
  • Porsche A/C Blower Motors: Vertex offers Condenser, Evaporator, Fresh Air and Heater Blower motors for all Porsche applications.
  • Porsche Heater Valves, Cores & Hoses:  Browse or catalog for all the heater parts you need to keep you warm this winter. From Porsche heater valves to heater hoses, Vertex has you covered.


To keep your Porsche heating and cooling parts running properly when its not being used, exercise it once a week. Doing so will store enough moisture in the seal to ensure your AC’s lifespan and keep its parts operating smoothly.



A/C Compressors Porsche Sanden A/C Compressors
We offer the Sanden Rotary A/C Compressors that work much more efficiently than the stock York Compressor.

Price Range: $24.00 - $749.00
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A/C Condensers and Evaporators Porsche A/C Condensers and Evaporators
Replace your damaged or leaking Condenser or Evaporator with our OEM and aftermarket replacements.

Price Range: $0.00 - $1,949.00
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A/C Control Units Porsche A/C Control Units
We carry A/C Control Units for most Porsche Automobiles.

Price Range: $44.00 - $1,899.00
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A/C Driers / Dryers Porsche A/C Driers Dryers
We offer OEM Behr and Aftermarket Driers for you to choose from.

Price Range: $11.50 - $269.00
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A/C Expansion Valves Porsche A/C Expansion Valves
We offer both OEM Behr and Aftermarket for you to choose from.

Price Range: $2.75 - $215.00
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Belts Porsche A/C Belts & Pulleys
We carry OEM Belts and Pulleys.

Price Range: $8.99 - $21.75
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Blowers, Motors and Related Porsche A/C Blowers, Motors and Related
We offer OEM Behr, Bosch and SWF Blowers and Motors

Price Range: $0.00 - $879.00
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Heater Valves, Cores and Hoses Porsche Heater Valves and Heater Cores
We offer OEM Behr and Aftermarket Valves and Cores for you to choose from.

Price Range: $3.49 - $789.00
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