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Fuel and Fuel Injection
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At Vertex Auto we carry a large selection of Porsche OEM and Rebuilt Porsche Fuel Parts. From fuel pumps, accumulators and regulators to rebuilt fuel distributors and injectors, We have it all. If you’re having trouble with your Porsche’s fuel system make an appointment today to have one of our certified technicians service your vehicle. Or simply browse through our online catalog of parts to find all the parts for the job.



The electric Porsche fuel pump is the heart of every electronic fuel injection system. The fuel pump’s job is to push fuel from the tank to the injectors, and to create sufficient pressure so the injectors will deliver the correct amount of fuel under all operating conditions. The amount of fuel pressure required for a given application will vary depending on the type of injection system (L-Jetronic, CIS, Motronic, etc.), the flow characteristics of the injectors and the engine's fuel requirements. A fuel pump that doesn't meet the OE minimum fuel flow or pressure requirements for your Porsche can cause drivability and emissions problems. A weak fuel pump or one that can't generate enough pressure can upset the calibration of your fuel system. This may cause the engine to run lean or starve for fuel under load, causing symptoms such as hard starting (hot or cold), poor idle quality, hesitation or stumbling when accelerating and a loss of high-speed power. Low fuel pressure can also be a cause of lean misfire at idle and under load, which causes a dramatic increase in hydrocarbon (HC) emissions. A car experiencing this kind of problem usually won't pass an "enhanced" emissions test that measures exhaust emissions under simulated driving conditions on a dynamometer. If your fuel pump stops working (no noise, no line pressure), the first thing that should be checked is the pump's voltage supply and electrical connections. An open relay, blown fuse or loose wire may be all that's preventing the pump from working. Low battery voltage can also reduce the pump's ability to generate pressure by reducing the speed of the fuel pump motor.


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