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Porsche Child Baby Car Seat - Safety Accessories : Novelties - Golf Bags, Umbrellas, etc.
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Porsche Child Baby Car Seat - Safety
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Porsche Child Baby Car Seat - Safety

Porsche Child Baby Car Seat - Safety

Part No: 95504480082
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Special Notes
Just as Porsche engineering excellence extends to its superb safety technology, Tequipment's broad range of acessories includes a full range or child seats for transporting the most precious cargo of all. Porsche child seats cover the range of children from newborn to 12 years. The outer rear seats in the Cayenne are fitted with the LATCH anchor system as standard. This system is specifically designed to attach the child seat directly to the seat. Telescopic rods on the child seat slide out and slot into anchor points between the backrest and seat, and hold the child seat securly against the backrest. Porsche LATCH child seats can alternatively be fitted using the standard three-point safety belts. Note: To avoid risk of injury from a deploying airbag, never place a child age 12 or under in a front seating position without a dealer installed airbag deactivation device.

MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
Porsche356AH41.51956 - 1957GAS1498CARB
Porsche356AH41.61958 - 1959GAS1582CARB
Porsche356BH41.61960 - 1963GAS1582CARB
Porsche911H62.01965 - 1968GAS1991CARB
Porsche911H62.21970 - 1971GAS0CARB
Porsche911H62.41972 - 1973GAS0CARB
Porsche911H62.71974 - 1977GAS2688FI
Porsche911 C2H63.61990 - 1994GAS0FI
Porsche911 C2 TurboH63.31991 - 1992GAS0FI
Porsche911 C2 TurboH63.61993 - 1994GAS0FI
Porsche911 C4H63.61989 - 1994GAS0FI
Porsche911 CarreraH63.21984 - 1989GAS3163FI
Porsche911 SCH63.01978 - 1983GAS2999FI
Porsche911 T TurboH63.61997GAS0CARB
Porsche911 TurboH63.01976 - 1977GAS0FI
Porsche911 TurboH63.31978 - 1989GAS0FI
Porsche912H41.61965 - 1967GAS1582CARB
Porsche912H41.61968 - 1969GAS1582FI
Porsche914 1.7H41.71970 - 1973GAS0FI
Porsche914 1.8H41.81974 - 1976GAS0FI
Porsche914 2.0H42.01973 - 1976GAS0FI
Porsche914 6H62.01970 - 1971GAS1991CARB
Porsche914 6H62.01972GAS0CARB
Porsche924L42.01976 - 1977GAS1983FI
Porsche924L42.01979 - 1982GAS1983FI
Porsche924 SL42.51986 - 1988GAS0FI
Porsche924 TurboL42.01980 - 1982GAS1983FI
Porsche928V84.51978 - 1982GAS4474FI
Porsche928V84.71983 - 1986GAS0FI
Porsche928 GTV85.01991GAS4950FI
Porsche928 GTSV85.41992 - 1995GAS5392FI
Porsche928 S4V85.01987 - 1991GAS4950FI
Porsche944L42.51983 - 1988GAS2475FI
Porsche944 SL42.51987 - 1988GAS2475FI
Porsche944 S2L43.01989 - 1991GAS2983FI
Porsche944 TurboL42.51986 - 1991GAS0FI
Porsche968L43.01992 - 1995GAS2983FI
Porsche993 C2H63.61995 - 1998GAS0FI
Porsche993 C4H63.61995 - 1998GAS0FI
Porsche993 T TurboH63.61995 - 1996GAS0FI
Porsche996 C2H63.41998 - 2001GAS0FI
Porsche996 C2H63.62002 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.41999GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.62000GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.42001GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.62002 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 GT2H63.62004 - 2005GAS3606FI
Porsche996 GT3H63.62004 - 2005GAS3606FI
Porsche996 TurboH63.62001 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 TurboH63.62005GAS3600FI
Porsche996 Turbo SH63.62005GAS3606FI
Porsche997 C2H63.62005 - 2009GAS3600FI
Porsche997 C2SH63.82005 - 2009GAS3800FI
Porsche997 C4H63.62005 - 2009GAS3600FI
Porsche997 C4SH63.82005 - 2009GAS3800FI
Porsche997 GT3H63.62007 - 2008GAS3600FI
Porsche997 TurboH63.62007 - 2008GAS3600FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.51997 - 1999GAS2500FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.72000 - 2003GAS2700FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.72004 - 2007GAS2687FI
PorscheBoxster SH63.22000 - 2006GAS3179FI
PorscheBoxster SH63.42007 - 2009GAS3400FI
PorscheCarrera GTV105.72004 - 2005GAS5700FI
PorscheCayenneV63.22004 - 2007GAS3200FI
PorscheCayenneV63.62008 - 2009GAS3600FI
PorscheCayenne SV84.52003 - 2007GAS4450FI
PorscheCayenne SV84.82008 - 2009GAS4800FI
PorscheCayenne TurboV84.52003 - 2007GAS4450FI
PorscheCayenne TurboV84.82008 - 2009GAS4800FI
PorscheCaymanH62.72006 - 2008GAS2700FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42006GAS3400FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42007GAS0FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42008 - 2009GAS3400FI

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