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Porsche 911 Parts has an extensive selection of Porsche 911 parts at competitive prices. To find specific Porsche 911 engine parts, simply enter the year and model in the search box on the upper left. Find parts for a 1980 Porsche 911 Air Cooled Engine. Compare Porsche 911 brake parts, brake rotors, brake pads, caps, distributors and many more parts for your Porsche 911.

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About the Porsche 911:

The Porsche 911 was first introduced in 1964 and has gone through continuous development while maintaining the original concept. The Porsche 911 air cooled engine was kept in the design until 1998 when the all new Type 996 was created. The rear engine model was based on the Volkswagen Beetle, which was designed by Porsche. The Porsche 911 is considered the most successful air cooled opposed rear engine layout model that remains in production today. Both the factory and private engineering teams have modified the Porsche 911 for various automotive competitions.

Sports Car International named the Porsche 911 the third best of the Top Sports Cars of the 1960s (2004). The Porsche 911 also won the Number 2 spot on Automobile Magazine's "100 Coolest Cars" and was nominated for the World Car of the Year in 2005. In the Car of the Century international poll, the Porsche 911 placed fifth (1999). Of the top five, the 911 was the only automobile that never ceased production. 

Porsche 911 Hydraulic Chain Tensioners

Update your failure prone Mechanical Tensioners on your pre 84' 911 with the updated Hydraulic Chain Tensioners. In 1984, Porsche began using Chain Tensioners that rely on oil supplied by the engine's oil pump.  These new Tensioners do not fail like the older chain Tensioners often do.  The new kit can be bolted on older 911 engines, it's an update that should be made to any 911 (thru '83), or 930.  Our original equipment kit includes all the hardware and gaskets.

Click here to view the Chain Tensioner Kit


Porsche 911 Turbo Style Tie Rod Kit

The Porsche 911 is world renowned for it's excellent handling characteristics, but one of it's shortcomings is the Tie Rods used on these models. Not nearly as robust as the 911 Turbo (930) models, the standard 911 fails by comparison. The Porsche 930 has quick steering that is more precise than a Porsche 911 because the 930 has (among other things) special tie rods. 930 Tie Rods can be easily installed on any Porsche 911 thru 1989 to improve steering and overall handling.  Our turbo tie rod set is complete with all the parts you will need to make this conversion.  

Porsche 911 Turbo Tie Rod Kit

Porsche 911 Transmissions

Porsche has developed and built some of the best Transmissions in the world but unfortunately they are not immune to occasional breakdowns, which is most likely why you are reading this now. Some of the more common reasons for Porsche Transmission failure are as follows:

- Neglecting to change the Gear Lube. Over time the gear lube looses it's viscosity and becomes too thin to protect the gears properly.
- Shifting into gear without "fully" engaging the clutch.
- Down shifting from 5th to 2nd or 4th to 1st or any downshift skipping a gear in order. This causes the dogteeth to engage forcefully and ultimately causing the transmission to pre-maturely fail.

Our Expert Porsche Technicians perform the most thorough Porsche Transmission rebuilds in the industry! Whether you're a criminal defense attorney or a digital agency nyc the Vertex Automotive provides you with the best service. We go to extreme lengths to ensure that every Porsche Transmission that leaves our facility is ready to provide years of trouble free operation. Our rebuilt Porsche Transmission are thorough and labor intensive, enlisting the skills over 80 combined years of Porsche experience. Vertex Automotive Porsche Transmission are bar-none the highest quality in the industry.

Be sure to ask our competitors what parts are replaced in their rebuilds. Don't be fooled in to buying an inferior product!

Our complete Porsche 911 Transmission rebuilds include, but are not limited to, the following parts*:

OEM Porsche Synchro Rings
OEM Porsche Dogteeth
OEM Porsche Slider Hubs
OEM Porsche Energizer Rings
OEM Porsche Brake Bands
OEM Porsche Anchor Blocks
OEM Porsche Gasket & "O" Ring set

To learn more about our Rebuilt Transmission Program, please select your model below:


Porsche Rebuilt Tranmission 911 (1965-1971)

Porsche Rebuilt Tranmission 911 (1972-1974)

Porsche Rebuilt Tranmission 911 (1975-1986)

Porsche Rebuilt Tranmission 911 (1987-1994)



Porsche 911 H4 Headlights

The USA version Porsche 911 models were equipped with standard, sealed beam headlights. Not only are the sealed beams unsightly, but they do not produce the same level of lighting as their H4 counterparts. Our Bosch H-4 Headlight upgrades give your Porsche a European look that will delight your eyes just like custom suits Philadelphia.  They are a direct plug in conversion for the stock sealed beam lights making night driving more pleasurable with a variety of bulb wattage options.  Installation is a snap and usually takes less than 90 minutes from start to finish. Available with either a Chrome or Black Trim Ring.

Porsche - Auto Upholstery Repair


Bosch Porsche H4 Headlights - Chrome

Bosch Porsch H4 Headlights - Black


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