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About the Porsche Cayman:

The Cayman was developed alongside the Type 987 Boxster and originally was introduced for the model year 2005. To many, it is  Porsche says the Cayman shares about 40 percent of its components with the 987 Boxsters, which share some 55 percent of their parts with 997 Carreras. The Porsche Cayman coupe, as appearances suggest, is much like the Porsche Boxster roadster below the windows. Both use a 95.1-inch wheelbase and spread 70.9 inches wide. The coupe, however, is about a half-inch taller and longer than the roadster at 54.1 and 172.1 inches, respectively.


The Porsche Cayman encapsulates its engine in the fashion of the Porsche Boxster. The base Cayman's 2.7-liter flat-six is updated with Porsche's VarioCam Plus, the variable-timing and lift system for intake valves adopted for 997-series 911s. This combines with detail cylinder-head changes and a higher 11.3:1 compression ratio for 245 horsepower at 6500 rpm (up five from the 2006 rating) and 201 pound-feet of torque at 4600-6000 revs (a nominal 2 pound-feet gain). The Porsche Cayman S and 2007 Boxster S carry a new 3.4-liter engine, basically the familiar 3.2 with a 2mm larger bore (at 96mm/3.78 inches), plus 3.6-liter Carrera cylinder heads and 3.8-liter Carrera S cam profiles. Porsche also specifies larger main bearing journals to support the crankshaft and a stronger aluminum crankcase similar to the 911's. All this plus 11.0:1 compression nets 295 horsepower at 6250 rpm and 251 pound-feet at 4400-6250 rpm.


The second generation of the Porsche Cayman was introduced on 21 February 2009. The standard Cayman engine's displacement was increased from 2.7L to 2.9L, giving a 20 hp (15 kW) increase to 265 hp (198 kW), while the Cayman S gained direct injection and a 25 hp (19 kW) increase to 320 hp (239 kW). Both the Cayman and Cayman S maintain a 10 hp (7 kW) power advantage over their roadster sibling, the Porsche Boxster. On the front end, each has their own design for the front bumper. The front signal lamps are designed differently: while both use LED signal lamps, the Cayman�s LED are arranged like the face of dice while the Boxster gets a horizontal row of 4 LEDs. The Porsche Tiptronic window Auto Glass Repair replacement S automatic gearbox was replaced by the 7-speed PDK dual clutch transmission for the new model. The PDK outperforms the manual transmission with a 0-60 mph time of 5.4 seconds versus 5.5 seconds for the manual. The PDK with the sport button option lowers the 0-60 mph time to 5.2 seconds.

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