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Porsche Sanden A/c Compressor Kit Air Conditioning and Heating : A/C Compressors
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Porsche Sanden A/c Compressor Kit
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Sanden A/c Compressor Conversion

Porsche Sanden A/c Compressor Kit 996, 997, Boxster And Cayman - New

Part No: SANKT10
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$459.00  EA

Special Notes

Includes New Sanden Rotary Compressor and High Pressure A/C Line. Easy installation!


Application Notes

The ONLY Sanden kit in the WORLD available for the 996 & Boxster! Huge Savings! Brand New, NOT rebuilt!

Replace your old or leaking compressor with our new rotary conversion kits. Improves cooling and is more efficient than most original units at half the cost! Our kits come complete with a new compressor and clutch. Also includes the necessary mounting hardware. Once installed, you will enjoy a trouble free compressor for years to come. Compatible with both R12 and 134a


MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
Porsche996 C2H63.41998 - 2001GAS0FI
Porsche996 C2H63.62002 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.41999GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.62000GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.42001GAS0FI
Porsche996 C4H63.62002 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 TurboH63.62001 - 2004GAS0FI
Porsche996 TurboH63.62005GAS3600FI
Porsche996 Turbo SH63.62005GAS3606FI
Porsche997 C2H63.62005 - 2008GAS3600FI
Porsche997 C2SH63.82005 - 2008GAS3800FI
Porsche997 C4H63.62005 - 2008GAS3600FI
Porsche997 C4SH63.82005 - 2008GAS3800FI
Porsche997 GT3H63.62007 - 2008GAS3600FI
Porsche997 TurboH63.62007 - 2008GAS3600FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.51997 - 1999GAS2500FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.72000 - 2003GAS2700FI
PorscheBoxsterH62.72004 - 2007GAS2687FI
PorscheBoxster SH63.22000 - 2006GAS3179FI
PorscheBoxster SH63.42007 - 2008GAS3400FI
PorscheCaymanH62.72006 - 2008GAS2700FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42006GAS3400FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42007GAS0FI
PorscheCayman SH63.42008GAS3400FI

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