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    Driveline & Axles

    Porsche Driveline & Axles

    Porsche axle shafts are an essential part of a group of parts, collectively referred to as the drivetrain, that function together to transfer the power produced by the motor to the wheels. Axle shafts are sometimes described as independent drive axles because they are paired with CV joints, which are engineered accommodate the up and down movement of the tires as they travel over the road, as no road surface is truly smooth while maintaining the forward motion of the turning wheels.

    Each wheel has independent up and down motion, managed by a CV joint, and each is connected to transaxle output shafts via Porsche axle shafts. When one of the parts involved in the transfer of power from motor to wheel fails, unless it is the CV boot that protects the CV joint, the vehicle will not be drivable. While it is possible to drive with a damaged CV boot, it's not advisable, as it can lead to failure of the CV joint.

    That can set a domino effect in motion, with CV joint damage resulting in damage to, or even failure of the Porsche axle shafts. That's because these parts work in close conjunction with each other. The failure of one stresses the other associated parts, leading potentially to premature failure and a far more extensive, expensive problem to deal with.

    Drivetrain problems need to be considered a priority repair, something to be done as soon as possible. At Vertex Auto, we specialize in aftermarket Porsche parts, and you'll find your Porsche axle shafts at a price sure to be competitive with what your local parts stores are charging. Ordering is always secure via our website, but if you'd prefer to speak with one of our talented customer service specialists, give us a call on our toll-free line 1-866-668-0660