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    Looking for Porsche exhaust parts such as mufflers, catalytic converters, headers, heat exchangers and exhaust tips? You've come to the right place! Your Porsche exhaust system, whether it is stock or an aftermarket performance upgrade, can bring new life to your car.  At Vertex Automotive, you can choose from our wide range of Porsche accessories and exhaust parts. Our selection of standard and performance model parts includes Dansk Exhaust, Bursch Exhaust, Schnell Exhaust and more! 
     No matter if you're driving a 911, 996, 997, Cayman, Boxster or 944 Turbo, your Porsche’s exhaust always lets people know you’re coming before they even see you. While the exhaust systems in a Porsche are slightly more complex than a regular vehicle, our Porsche service department is well-trained in all of the necessary repairs to keep your exhaust operating smoothly and efficiently for both your car and the environment.