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    Most Porsche cars have a finely tuned suspension that is specifically designed to increase the Porsche performance. If your Porsche suspension isn’t functioning correctly, your ride will be rough and you may have a hard time controlling the vehicle. Vertex offers a variety of Porsche Suspension parts, including Control Arms, Stabilizer/Sways Bars, Springs & Related, Gaskets, Seals & Related, and Shock Absorbers, Struts & Related to keep your vehicles in their best conditions!

    Shocks and struts are an integral part of the suspension in your Porsche, not matter Carrera, 914, 944 or 996. In some cases, you might find that your shocks and struts become warn. This is especially the case if your car does an excessive amount of bouncing over bumps, or if you lean hard into the corners. You can look behind the wheel to find the shock and strut, and look for leaking fluid. Ball joints also tend to wear out over time. Ball joints can cause the car to not steer properly, causing you to lose control. You should make sure to check your shocks or struts frequently for leaking and ball joints for signs of wear.