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    To find specific porsche 912 parts, simply enter the YEAR MODEL and then search by KEYWORD or PARTS NUMBERS in the search box above.

    The Porsche 912 was a sports car produced in Germany by the Porsche company from the mid to the late 1960s. This car is similar in many ways to the Porsche 911. The Porsche 911 was designed to be a six-cylinder model to replace an older model that was less expensive. Some Porsche executives felt that the 911 was too expensive and that there needed to be a less expensive Porsche model on the market. Porsche decided to design and introduce the less expensive, four-cylinder Porsche 912. The Porsche 912 uses the same chassis as the Porsche 911. The major difference between the two cars is the 912s 1.6L four-cylinder engine. For its size, the engine produces a good deal of power. At the same time, the 912 has great fuel economy. The average miles per gallon for this car is nearly 30 mpg.

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