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    Porsche Cayenne Models:

    Porsche Cayenne Parts
    2004 - 2012
    Porsche Cayenne S Parts
    2003 - 2012
    Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Parts
    2011 - 2012
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo Parts
    2003 - 2012

      About the Porsche Cayenne:
      In the early 2000s, Porsche shocked the automotive world when it first introduced the Cayenne. Due to the fact that Porsche was only known for producing high-performance sports coupes, many car enthusiasts from around the world were left puzzled as to why the automaker would build a SUV. However, one drive behind the wheel of the Cayenne put all of their apprehensions to rest. The awe-inspiring SUV would go on to receive rave reviews from numerous automotive publications and car experts. Many gave the Cayenne praise for its elegant styling and sporty driving dynamics.

      The Porsche Cayenne proved itself to be a very capable performer. Not only was it engineered to be adept at maneuvering on the highways and rural roads, but the Cayenne was also equipped with a robust four-wheel-drive system that enabled it to go off-road. While the base eight-cylinder engine delivered enough potency for most people, the optional turbocharged engine was a true powerhouse. Porsche also infused its racing heritage into the Cayenne, which quickly made it one of the best handling SUVs on the market. Furthermore, it was still able deliver the luxury amenities that customers demanded.

      After a few years on the car market, the Cayenne would offer a standard V-6 engine. This intrigued many buyers due to its lower price tag, increased fuel economy, and availability of a manual transmission. Today, the Porsche Cayenne is still striving to make improvements. The arrival of the Cayenne Hybrid is big news for a segment that has never been known for its great fuel efficiency. There is also an available diesel version that delivers efficiency and amazing pulling power when needed. The Porsche Cayenne GTS is an incredible on-road performer that is essentially a sports car wrapped in the clothing of a SUV.