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Porsche Rebuilt Cylinder Heads by Model

The failure of you Porsche's cylinder head could be a very costly repair. A new replacement Porsche cylinder head can cost upward of $4000. The rebuilt specialists at Vertex have develop a rebuilt procedure that restores your cylinder head to as good as new for a fraction of the cost of a new cylinder head.

Vertex's Porsche Rebuilt Cylinder Head Process:

EachPorsche cylinder head core is disassembled and inspected for broken bolts,stripped thread holes and broken mounting holes, etc.  All cylinder heads gothrough a three-step cleaning process which includes: 

1) Passing through a high temperature oven. 
2) Professionally bead blasted. 
3) Placement in a non-caustic hot tank. 

TheHead is then inspected for cracks & pressure tested. Cam bores arechecked for spec and honed if needed.  

The machining process includes;

·         Inspect valve guide bores using a dial bore gauge and repair where needed.

·         New OEM German Phosphorous Bronze Valve Guides & Valve Stem Seals are installed

·         All valve seats are cut, not ground, using three angle cuts for maximum precision.

·         The valves are inspected for stem and valve face damage and/or wear, as well as straightness. 

·         All valves are hand ground and/or replaced as needed.

·         Thoroughly inspect and test all of the valve springs for proper tension / resistance and replaced as needed.

·         All head surfaces are machined (milled), not ground!

Finalcleaning and assembly includes;  First we clean all your Porsche cylinder heads in a solvent basetank in which all oil galleries, thread holes, etc. are cleaned.  Anumber of different brushes are used to catch any remainingcontaminants.  All cylinder heads are then run through a detergent based hot tankbefore assembly. All assembly work is done by hand by Professional andExpert Porsche Specialists. For more information call us at: 1-305-442-2727

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